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Spinkx Plugin for WordPress, has been designed by a team of content marketing experts with an intend to Empower the Blogger Community around the World. Content creators can now build a profitable business by getting their blog popular & earn revenue over self-hosted or BrandWiki hosted, Wordpress Sites. Getting Free Traffic to grow the Audience base on real time, Monetise much better with high CTR ads & increase their Website SEO & Alexa Rank by creating Backlinks in real time over the Spinkx Network participating Sites.

30 days Full Feature Free Trial. Free Training.
$ 60 for a year. (In App Purchase no Credit Card Needed)

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www.voguefaqs.com uses Spinkx plugin for content marketing, getting free reach & monetisation

Blossom of the Soul

Your universe by Julie Jurgan

Stop looking for answers How long have been you been looking for answers? How many days have you …

Dr. Prerna Kohli - Psychologist

How to Forgive Yourself

To be truly happy, you need to forgive yourself. A person who doesn't forgive themselves …

Blossom of the Soul

The stages of Awakening - Julie Jurgan

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are …

Spinkx - Content Distribution & Monetisation

Lower your website bounce rate by 60%

Keeping your user engaged by using this widget on the sidebar of your wordpress …

Spinkx - Content Distribution & Monetisation

How to Install the plugin

PART A – How to Install Spinkx to your WordPress INSTALLATION & ACTIVATION – This …

Blossom of the Soul

Dear Mr. Trump - I hope you can sleep tonight by Julie Jurgan

Dear Mr. Trump, my congratulations to your successful election as the new american president. I …

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