How to build quality, Seo backlinks to your WordPress, automatically

Build quality backlinks to your Wordpress for SEO. Content-Marketing

Why do we need to create quality SEO backlinks for successful content marketing?

Content Marketing – SEO Backlinks are useful for driving traffic to your Website, building credibility & for in-page & off-page SEO. Any WordPress blogger who understand a little bit of SEO know this already. The difficult question to answer is, how exactly do we build these SEO backlinks? Should you go an talk to your fellow bloggers to put these backlinks for you, or should you get into some easy sounding but unethical growth-hack to generate backlinks?

None of them we recommend, because it’s time consuming and doing things unethically might get your blog penalised by search engines.

The most important thing about SEO backlinks is quality!

The most important thing about SEO backlinks is the quality & the credibility of the site which is linking back to you & not quantity. Which means if you are a food blogger but your backlinks come in from a technology site, you are on the wrong side of SEO dude! There are two kinds of backlinks – internal & external. Internal Backlinks – are links in your post, footer or image links referring back to another post or link of your WordPress blog. External Backlinks – when other websites are referring back to some article of your WordPress blog.

To solve this problem we decided to dig deeper and find a solution for us and for you. And also what we know and have seen about SEO backlinks are that they are just like hyper-link text or words. Where is the creativity gone? So we redefined the SEO Backlinks completely 🙂

Using Spinkx Plugin – you create both internal and external SEO backlinks.

Here is how it looks!! Read on to know more advantages.

Seo Benifits, Create backlinks to your WordPress site automatically

SEO Backlinks are a very important part for your SEO success. Creating SEO backlinks to your WordPress blog is now easy and rewarding. Simply use the Spinkx All-in-one Content-Marketing plugin. Download

How does Spinkx Content Marketing plugin work to get you SEO backlinks?

  1. Rule of Ethic & Quality – Your links can only appear in a similar category website & with related content. For example, if you write about Lifestyle, your SEO backlinks should appear only in Lifestyle, fashion, food categories or may be a few more. To enable this we allowed you to choose the right categories, for each of your posts, for which you are wanting to get more traffic & SEO backlinks to.Here is a screenshot of BOOST POST from the Spinkx-content-marketing plugin.
    Boost-post for free and generate quality backlinks to your WordPress for free & automoatically

    Choosing the right category to boost your posts, helps displaying your posts on other website with relating content or similar category, helping you improve return clicks to your blog & improving your SEO rank & Alexa Rank

    Learn more about Boost Post

  2. Rule of Give more to Get more – When you start with the Spinkx Content-Marketing plugin for WordPress, you have a credit of 100 points in your account – you could use these points to get impressions & clicks to for your post SEO Backlinks. Yeh! the beauty about these SEO backlinks are that they are measurable & trackable, from the content playlist of the plugin & also in you Google analytics.
    Backlink analytics. Measure the reach of your boost post

    The plugin not only allows you to create external SEO backlinks, but also measure the performance of the clicks returned.

    While you are consuming you points, to get the SEO backlinks, you can also earn those points back by allowing other publishers to backlink to their own blog with a 1:1 impression ratio. You may collect or spend more points depending ratio you are spending vs the amount of earning which is directly proportional to your page views or traffic on your Website.
    However, if you do not want to give to other, you may choose to pay for the same by buying points. Each point give you 10 impression from external website.

  3. Creativity sells better – Why would you want to leave the backlink text in the hands of uncertainty?  Therefore we created another method for you to explore your creativity – Variation Headlines. You can now create multiple headlines for the same post, redirecting to the same link, with different Image, Headline & Description. Search Engines read each headline and use it as keywords to rank your page, and when they vary and come from different websites, its a win-win SEO.

    Last but not the least, another advantage for creating Variation Headlines is to be able to attract a reader to click on it. You can measure the same by the CTR of your post (as shown in the image above). The image at the bottom is the variation of the above original post. You can create multiple Variation Headlines to your post.

    The Centre column is the analytics from the widget on your own website – Internal SEO Backlinks – and the right side column is for the External SEO Backlinks.

Go ahead have fun now! Download the plugin and explore. Don’t forget to check how many SEO backlinks have your post created by using this plugin. We generated 50,000 SEO backlinks in a few days, and we are just a few days old website. 😉

SEO Backlinks a must for Content Marketing, Google SEO, Alexa Rank

  1. Linda Smith 5 years ago

    If this only works with similar content to get backlinks you should expand your content a little. I bought this for a legal website (we need backlinks too) but there is no category even close so I am taking my chances on other but that will probably be a bomb.

    • Author
      Shaan Bahra 5 years ago

      hi Linda, the legal category will fall under business & mangement

  2. getoffplace 5 years ago

    Thank you very much for the tricks 😀

  3. Kssnk Technologies 5 years ago

    Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate
    your content. Please let me know. Thanks

    • Author
      Shaan Bahra 4 years ago

      Sure most welcome to share, with credits & links! 🙂

  4. fancy 4 years ago

    Great Article but how to find quality backlinks ? is there any way

    • Author
      Shaan Bahra 4 years ago

      The Spinkx Plugin does automated finding of quality backlinks suited to give you return clicks! 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us through your post.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us through your post.

  7. Vishal 3 years ago

    Great article

  8. eliteguide 3 years ago

    Thank you very much Spinkx for the wonderful piece of content. I have discovered Spinkx about 2 weeks ago, and currently, I am on the free version which is working perfectly fine for me.

    Now, I am getting new clicks, impressions, and CTR every day on my website. Hats off to you!

    BTW, is there any way to set up a target country to show only relevant blogs in the sidebar widget of my article??? I want blogs from USA and Europe countries, is there anyway??

  9. BuildupYouth 3 years ago

    nice article with useful information.. visited spinkx first time and my experience is great..

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