Free traffic exchange by doing a free boost post to instantly reach other blogs and for free backlinking

WordPress, clearly is the worlds most loved CMS platform, with over a million plugins & themes available from the market place. Billions of amazing stories and content is being churned out everyday, and the traditional method of sharing content was over Social Media Platforms or Search Engines – In the recent days even that has been becoming difficult and expensive, while the revenue remains low.

The most obvious reason to create this plugin was to be able to have an audience for the content which we have produced, be able to reach out, grow our audience base and make money for sure – for the love of content!

WordPress Bloggers can now install, Spinkx Content Marketing plugin & take advantage.

blogger_ad_-free-trafficThe plugin is based on a simple proof of concept – community sharing, helping every one grow. While you show posts from other Blog sites on your sidebar widget and earn point, you can then use these accumulated point to BOOST POST any of your content or posts, and so it doesn’t cost you any money to get more visibility.

You can control, the absolute reach of the post you decide to boost and have your targets met. There is no stopping for you to charge money to your esteemed clients for a certain number of reach and you don’t need to pay anyone.

We at Spinkx have designed the plugin in a manner that it would cost just $5 per month to run the servers, calculating & analysing data for your posts in real time.


The No 1 Reason to download Spinkx – Content Marketing Plugin for WordPress

However, the No. 1 reason for you to download this plugin for your WordPress in not just free boost, but, it is to be able to keep your users engaged with you website for more time and read more content written & produced by you. So, in order to save the efforts over social media & SEO to get more traffic; the first objective is to be able to make your users read more stories on your website.

As tested, and tallied with Google Analytics, this plugin Increases your user engagement rate by upto 20% or more, and reduces your bounce rate to as low as 30% only. The same can be compare with results of traffic coming in from Social Media & Search Engines.

The time spent by the engaged user over the plugin has also been noted to be more than 2 minutes.

This feature is absolutely free for life, even if you don’t pay for the plugin, you can still continue to use it. The only restrictions are that you will not be able to Boost your post for free or redeem the collected points.

The Google Analytic Report



The No2 Reason coming soon…8 more to go.


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