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Spinkx Plugin for WordPress, has been designed by a team of content marketing experts with an intend to Empower the Blogger Community around the World. Content creators can now build a profitable business by getting their blog popular & earn revenue over self-hosted or BrandWiki hosted, Wordpress Sites. Getting Free Traffic to grow the Audience base on real time, Monetise much better with high CTR ads & increase their Website SEO & Alexa Rank by creating Backlinks in real time over the Spinkx Network participating Sites.

30 days Full Feature Free Trial. Free Training.
$ 60 for a year. (In App Purchase no Credit Card Needed)

Reduce your Bounce Rate, increase Page Views

Increasing user engagement – a content marketing technique!

Getting more traffic to your website is the 1st step to make a blog successful & popular. The 2nd is when the user is visiting your website, to keep him / her engaged, by displaying high CTR relevant stories on your sidebar, instead, of traditional & boring WordPress sidebars, which is currently totally under utilised and has no scientific process to display high CTR content (which is a content marketing technique).

The widget on the sidebar of Spinkx-Content-Marketing plugin for WordPress, displays your own high CTR stories as per the category they are currently reading. Helping the user relate to relevant content and not a story which is very dear to you or have written recently.

On an average you can increase your user engagement by upto 30%, which in return increases your page views by 30% or more, reduces your current bounce rate by 60% and also make you accumulate credit points (to free boost your posts) and money form native ads or affiliate marketing. More page views means more revenue, either form Spinkx Sponsored Content or even Google Adsense.

Content marketing gets your blog more traffic! Free.

Grow your Audience, and get popular!

Getting more traffic to your blog, using traditional methodologies of search engine optimisation, and social media marketing is a Herculean task. So, we made content marketing simple – content distribution, backlinks (which enhances your Search Engine & Alexa rank), and most importantly reaching out to the audience who would like to read your content. Getting discovered is the key to more traffic and visitors to your WordPress site.

Since this tool is made specifically keeping content creators, bloggers in mind and not advertisers, there are limitations to it’s use. Only published posts with written content of value to a reader can be promoted.  And, amazingly, earn credit points, to keep boosting your posts for free for Life. The number of click you get back, is directly proportional to the quality of content, headline, image you have used to attract your reader.

Free Traffic Exchange!

Accumulate Credit Points – mechanics

Helping fellow bloggers & content creators, helps you grow! Helps the Community to grow! Simply by allowing display of content posts, of other publishers, on the spinkx (content marketing plugin for WordPress) sidebar widget of your site, you earn points.

The number of impressions given to other posts by your website visitors; earns you back, points, for the same value of impressions to any of your posts. Use these points to free Boost your posts and get more traffic to your website. You could however, completely disable this feature from within the plugin.

The content displayed on your websites sidebar widget, is of the similar category as of your website, to allow your visitors a comfortable user experience of reading content on your website. The Content Marketing industry and the Blogger community cannot grow without the support of each other. Only when you have more traffic, will you be able to earn better revenue and grow!

Monetise – Make your blog ‘Make Money’

Having lots of visitors on your website, but still getting paid less? Well, we all have dreamt about getting rich by writing a blog! 😉

Somebody, please show me end of enough… !! However, there could be technically enough. But even that doesn’t happen over ad-networks and platforms for 2 reason primarily. 1) The ad content is of a very low CTR, resulting into lesser clicks and hence lesser payouts. 2) The payout commission is so so low that it doesn’t make it worth the effort. We all know how much it costs when we want to buy traffic for our websites. Don’t we?

3 things we did to solve this, using content marketing. 1) Since Spinkx is a community driven Content Marketing tool, it is to be driven by the community itself. So we created ‘Campaign’ inside the plugin, for you to be able to run targeted CPM, CPC, CPA campaigns for your clients from within your WordPress dashboard. It doesn’t matter any more how much traffic you have on your website, you have with you an ever growing Spinkx community to fulfil the demand. 2) The payouts are as high as 80% of the advertising revenue, to the blogger website(s) who have fulfilled the campaign demand. 3) High CTR ads – because the campaign creation tool of spinkx, is a hybrid model – Supports banners, Affiliate ads, and Video ads all in one single unit. So go ahead start selling, while we as a company also do the same to drive some campaign money to your sites.  Do get in touch, if you need training and want to become an advertising agency yourself. 🙂

See SPINKX live on these websites!

Wordpress blog Publisher www.VogueFaqs.com uses the content marketing plugin for better SEO, increase alexa rank & earn revenue
www.drprernakohli.in uses Spinkx & Branwiki Platform for SEO, Free traffic exchange & monetisation on their blog

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